cabecera caspo logistica y transporte

With the new facilities in the Parque Logístico de Valencia (PLV), we start a new stage in the
path that CASPO start 60 years ago, having in mind to consolidate the company with a great
future project inside the Logistics Market, MULTICLIENT and NEUTRAL.

CASPO has changed as the market has changed, keepping our clear, 
demandado, con objetivos claros, PUSHFUL AND DISCIPLINED, with constant challenges
as the new warehouse and the project of the second stage of warehouses in PLV

CASPO aims to their customers to focus efforts in production and sales, delegating
logistics and transports, establishing a collaboration to be yours Logistics Department.

CASPO always has in mind people as a part of the difference, so, we keep and support
a high qualified team of profesionals: storekeepers, machinerist, drivers, managers, etc.,
to provide inmediate, real, eficient, thinked answers, in order to give the better solution to
our customer. Always searching for synergies and resources optimization.

CASPO is always searching for partners to promote y en promover initiatives that generate
added value to our customers and improve the services we offer. 



- By their location.

- By their security systems.

- By their concern for the environment.

- By their online tracking and management system.

- By their ISO - 9001 Certification

- By their health authorization. Human and animal food.

- By their EDI system links.

- By their solvency.